Trees provide many benefits to your property, adding beauty, providing shade, and many more.

Even when a tree is cared for, sometimes the tree may develop a situation that requires it to be removed. This can occur if a tree is damaged by a storm, insect infestation, or even disease. Trees can be removed at any stage of life but it is important to call Kiel’s Tree Care once you see a decline or decay in the health of your tree to prevent an emergency.

With the help of our 65-foot bucket truck, 83-foot spider lift, and tree climbing experts that allow us to take extra precaution when removing your trees. Our crews have been professionally trained to work safely and efficient. We use ropes and rigging equipment to carefully lower large limbs and trunks to the ground with the assistance of our ground crews to ensure there is no property damaged. Our tree removal crew also shows up with plywood to laydown and protects your property. We pride ourselves in ensuring we leave no mess behind. Don’t take chances with just hiring any guy that says he does tree work. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

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