Professional Tree Stump Grinding Service

Stumps and roots can easily be ground down a few inches or a few feet below grade to regain areas for new planting, sidewalks, driveways, playgrounds, etc.

Why Tree Stumps should be removed

  • The stump may be a safety hazard, obstacle, or an eye sore
  • If you wanted to replant a tree where the stump currently is located
  • Leaving an old rotting stump increases the chances of attracting destructive carpenter ants, termites, or fungi that can effect other living trees

We offer two options to meet your stump grinding needs:

  1. Stump grinding only- We grind stumps and leave stump grindings for you to use as mulch
  2. Stump grinding and remove grindings – We grind stump, remove wood grindings, and rake area so there is just a depression for you to back fill with topsoil

Whether it’s a small stump that remains from a project completed years ago or a new removal, Kiel’s Tree Care can provide a free estimate to remove any stump.