Split and seasoned firewood delivered to your home. We reuse and recycle the materials from our tree removals. Our firewood is available in oak, maple, ash and cherry hardwoods 14-18’’ in length. We deliver firewood year round and offer stacking at an additional fee.


A cord of wood measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long.

Indicators of seasoned firewood:

Color- dull gray color

Bark- back may falling off

Cracks- split on the ends and showing cracks

Touch- fresh cut wood may feel wet

 We also provide Free Wood Chips. The only condition is that you have to take a WHOLE TRUCKLOAD, we can’t deliver only partial loads. Call us today for more information. Wood chips have a number of uses:

  • Mulch for landscaping and garden beds
  • Composting material
  • Fuel, they make a great fire starter for small, controlled fires
  • Suppress weeds and even out the ground
  • Play area surface, alternative to ground up rubber tires
  • Erosion control