•Deep root feeding

•Tick and Mosquito Control

•Deer Repellent

The idea of plant health care is very similar to the idea of a healthy person. Similar to selecting a health care provider for your personal health, it is important to select a well-educated and experienced Arborist. Kiel’s Tree Care offers that. There are a few key components that separate Plant health care from the old “Blanket spray everything” mindset.

Monitoring– An effective Plant health care program is monitoring. A PHC expert is familiar with potential pests on each species and the life cycle of those pests. Monitoring allows for pests to be treated early as a preventative before the damage is done. Monitoring also eliminates unnecessary treatment’s when expected pests do not show up.

Healthy Grow Conditions– Your medical Doctor will tell you if you want to be healthy, you should do things like eat well, get adequate sleep, and exercise often. Likewise, if you want your plants to be healthy you should look at the whole picture including soil conditions, environmental influences and pest. One unique service that Kiel’s Tree Care offers is root collar excavation to improve root functions and conditions.

Pest Identification– When there are pest on your plants, it is important to properly identify the pest and know which are actually damaging the plant. Incorrect diagnosis results in more costly treatments, ineffective and possibly counter-productive treatments being applied. These treatments can be ineffective and result in unnecessary costs.

Integrated Pest Management– often a chemical pesticide is not the best or only solution to aid ailing plants. Often improving the health of a plant through other practices such as deep root feeding and or changing irrigation will effectively restore your plants vigor. Unfortunately, this take years to improve a plants health if it is mature.

Pesticide Selection– Kiel’s Tree Care will Select and apply pesticides that have little impact on the surrounding environment while controlling the targeted pest.